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System Analyst – Abdul Latif Jameel Installment & Leasing

Role Purpose:

participates with the project manager in development projects planning.

Participates with project manager in certain aspects of user consulting, vendor contracts and detail systems design in order to get a clear idea of business requirements.

Helps to develop project cost and benefit estimates to establish project worth including the development of alternative considerations leading to recommendations for new systems or equipment installations or change to existing ones.


Performs necessary investigation, analysis and evaluation to determine project feasibility.

Works with more experienced analysts in order to collect and defining business requirements to ensure that through specifications are produced.

Understands the technical details of new system, being implanted as, customized, or developed from scratch. This includes mastering the parameterization process, programming standard, functions, procedures & routines, reusable components, interface standard and integration with other systems.

Measure the business & technical impact & efforts of any development/enhancements and provide advice to the business accordingly.


Works with more experienced analysts in designing and documentation the solution (including charts, tables, prototypes and process flow diagrams) to create a functional specification documents signed from the users.

Participate in technical design and workflow of system.

Design a database relation diagram.

1.Developing (Coding):

Make sure that all developments follow company standard mythologies.

Develops and/or evaluates previously refined data and programs and select from a range of alternatives to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

undertake programming or system configuration activities in line with defined specifications to ensure business requirements are met on time.

Develops a professional routines, websites, web services, client-server and E-service application ensuring strong functionality to enhance and facilitate the business operation.


Participate on preparation of test cases and business scenario.

Undertake simple test routines to ensure that modifications/enhancements are operating correctly.

Assure the quality of the new system, from technical prospective, while they are being built/customized.

1.Deploying & Maintenance:

Supervise system deployment to ensure the functional specification.

Review system technical documentation & user guide in order to ensure the clarity of them.

Supervise system maintenance to resolve all issues and new business requirements/enhancement.

1.Status Report:

update his status reports on regular bases in order to update his manger.

Follow up all logged issues and enhancement in change management in order to ensure that the business requirements are met.

1.Knowledge Transfer:

Build and sustain knowledge relevant to area of work to maximize contribution to the team.

Keep updated with the development tools, technology, reporting tool and looking forward to the best practice technique & mythology

Conducting regular knowledge transfer sessions for the team in order of knowledge sharing.

Helps team members in strengthening their technical skills concerning the design and development of effective business applications.

Prepare a team member as a backup and train him more in the analysis areas in order to replace him during his absence.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2013-03-26
Job Location: Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Support Services
Company Industry: Financial Services

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Gender: Male
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Degree: Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma

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