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Sales Executive – Corporate Sales

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9 thoughts on “Sales Executive – Corporate Sales

  1. Emir Dedic

    Emir Dedic
    Donja Orahovica bb 75320
    Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegonvina

    28-10-2010 to Present. Hrs per week: 84 as cargo Document Specialist, Bastion AB, Afghanistan FPO AE. Advise military and Department of Defense civilians of their entitlement for shipment of personal property and passenger travel and prepare the necessary documentation; request and coordinate transport capability to meet a movement mission; mark, label cargo shipments in accordance with regulatory requirements. Document and inventory freight, cargo, and materiel shipments of all types; Monitor all freight, cargo, and material shipments to ensure accountability; identify and report problem areas within the traffic management system to prevent additional costs, losses, and damage. Request, coordinate, and monitor movement schedules and programs; ensure transport capability is appropriate, cost effective, and meets mission requirements. Check and inspect equipment blocking and bracing. Prepare and consolidate transportation movement reports. Assist in planning transportation requirements for logistical support.Scanning cargo if needed.
    06/15/2005 to 10/27/2010. Hrs per week: 40, Export-Import Manager/ International Supply, Metal Industry Fering DD LTD, Gracanica. Manager Sakic Mirsada. Prepared all import and export documents for merchandise; Inspected all documentation prior to authorizing release; Archived all documents in chronological order to ensure accurate accountability of shipments, resulting in cost savings for lost and stolen equipments; Prepared documents for Customs Certifications from Point of Origin to Final Destination; Ensured all material met International Customs Laws Prior to release; Organized logistical support for transportation for all materials and equipment, domestic and international release. Supervised the administrative operations by ensuring personal are collecting all data from export and imports, ensured documents were archived in chronological order, and inspected company’s computer register for all warehouse documents. Conducted and Supervised warehouse inventories, ensured all items, shipments, and receiving’s are accounted for.
    Freight forwarding from Croatia- UAE (Dubai-Jebel Ali port) and several other countries but all from Croatia.
    10/01/2004 – 05/05/2005 – University of Tuzla, Major in Geography.
    09/01/1999 – 05/01/2005 – Secondary Economics School, Gracanica

    Additional Details:

    Bosnian as 1st Language
    American English: Fluent in Reading, Writing and Speech.

    Computer Skill:
    MS Office, Auto CAD, Internet, Ethernet, Outlook.

    Automobile Class B
    Certificates: US Military certificates for 3 years job in Logistics.

  2. esmat mohamed ghareeb

    My objective Seeking a managerial position through challenging and ambitious career by joining international organization to establish myself, with room for growth and personal satisfaction. managing their area so as to ensure maximum sales, maximum profitability, and effective stock management to increase Customer satisfaction and ensure continued business growth.
    Kindly check my profile. I am a retail area manager.
    Esmat ghareeb

  3. Taher mallek

    During my life, I was experienced in many domains and different specialties. I was also involved in variety of formations. I have more than 25 years of experience, in administrative management, security, artistic activities, road rules and citizenship safety, social and cultural associations…. Indeed, my knowledge’s really, exceed the level of my diplomas because I was always searching for the information in the my daily life and in the world rounded me. Even at this age, I am seeking for a challenging career in a new field and I hope that you give me such opportunity in your company. I believe that I still have things to give. I don’t care to salary; I want just to be active. So I look forward to make a positive impact in your company.

  4. irfan

    Irfan khan

    Designation: ICT engineer
    Department: Lootah IT Solution
    Definition and Nature of Work

    Working in S.S Lootah Group as an ICT engineer with Lootah IT Solution from the month of December 2003, Specialize in the field of computers hardware & networking as well as Avaya telephone network.
    Mostly working in the area of Chairman’s House, Medwi Hospital, Desert and Yacht Network, Chairman’s Farm Network, DMCG, DPC….etc all division in Madina Lootah or attending incoming calls and complains from the respective divisions to solve the problems, back office and clerical duties.


    .Lootah city server and outside network
    .Lootah city Data Center Monitoring
    .Microsoft winodw2003 server DHCP server and Domain server
    .Microsoft winodw2003 Sharing server for DMCG & DPC College
    .Microsoft Exchange creating the email for madina lootah User’s
    .Microsoft Server 2003 and creating terminal User’s for madina lootah user
    .Monitor the switches
    .Avaya call billing servers
    .Avaya IP telephone whole lootah city area monitoring
    .Thuraya Network in (Yacht) configure ADLS router
    .Chairman form house network configure ADLS router and Access Point
    .Chairman desert computer
    .Chairman’s homes network configure ADLS router and Access Point
    .Dubai Medical College for Girls (all work related to computer hardware & networking)
    .Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls (all work related to computer hardware& networking)
    .Dubai Medical &Pharmacy Girls Hostel (all work related to computer hardware& networking)
    .Dubai Medical Center & research (all work related to hardware& networking)
    .Dubai Islamic School for boys (all work related to computer hardware& networking)
    .Dubai Islamic School for Girls (all work related to computer hardware& networking)
    .Fitness center (all work related to computer hardware& networking)
    .World lootah League education center (all work related to computer hardware& networking)

    (Irfan khan)

  5. mohamed elhadi kabdi

    KABDI Mohamed Elhadi
    Civil Engineer

    Cité Silis, Duplex D14

    Ouargla 30000


    Tel. No. 00213 662194 903
    00213 661263 930


    I noticed your posting for a civil engineer when I checked for such a position.

    I know about the excellent reputation of your company and I’d be honored to become part of your organization.

    I’m aware of the responsibility and opportunities available to qualified quality and civil engineers.

    I have spent 10 years working with a team in Civil and Industrial Constructions and also as post senior inspector QA/QC. I am certified from OSHA center for completion satisfaction for construction industry.

    I hope, joining your firm. Thank you so much for considering my request.

  6. Chehin Arias

    If is posible I would like you look my CV from LINKED IN And atend all your cuestions in any moment.


    Best regards.

    Chehin Arias
    Metalurgic Engeener And material science from Industrial University of Santander (city: Bucaramanga, state: Santander, country: COLOMBIA)
    Field Sales Representative And Drilling Fluids Specialist I
    M-I SWACO a Schlumberger Company
    Other E-MAIL:
    MÓVIL: +57 314 359 2489

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