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Pipeline Engineer – Bahrain

Pipeline Engineer – Bahrain

Hyder Consulting is an award-winning multi-national advisory and design consultancy, specializing in transport, utilities, and property and environmental sectors, and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2002. With near
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  1. Johnny M. Cardenas


    More than 20 years in the oil business in project development, in different areas of Engineering and Construction, mostly in pipelines and plants, in the design, calculations, project management, supervising and constructions. Knowledge of international norms, rules and regulations, building pipelines and plants, compression plants, gas processing plants, and metering stations, building pipelines in Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina, participation in many world oil conferences, and other courses in many countries.
    Skills in the Oil and Gas business, managing projects, project engineer, Construction superintendent, Interface coordinator, Chief construction, supervisor, Company representative, pre and commissioning, start up, Hot Tap leader in large diameters pipelines, Well facilities construction in a environmental well facilities, Zero gas burn well, Meter stations maintenance (Micro turbine), Gas processing plants.
    Engineering and construction in bridges, Highways and interstate highways projects, Technical director of road construction projects.
    Pavement responsible for the Viru Viru airport in Santa Cruz Bolivia, runaway, approach streets and apron in the air area and roads and parking areas for the customers.
    Speaker in Oil conference about best project practices in “Steep Mountain Pipeline Construction”, in safety construction practices and engineering studies.


    Civil Engineering – 1977
    Louisville Tech – USA

    Mechanical, piping for wells – Dowel Slumberger Training Center – 1979



    Professional Experience

    Repsol YPF
    2008 to 2012

    Project Engineer and Project Manager for the Margarita Project

    Margarita Project, member of the Engineering Team, company representative in the conceptual, basic FEED and detail engineering, studies for the Margarita project.
    Company representative in the EPC contract for a pipelines construction and a gas processing plant.
    Member of the PMT (Project Management Team), managing the conceptual and FEED engineering studies for the processing plant CPF (Central Processing Facility) for 12 MMCMGD modular type in two phase 6 MMCMGD each and the pipeline Project, prepared by consulting company TECNA in Buenos Aires Argentina.
    Management the pipelines Detail Engineering studies accomplished by the contractor Techint Group in Buenos Aires Argentina from November 2010 till May 2011.
    Management the construction and the field engineering for the Pipelines Construction, Gathering lines, Trunk Lines, Export lines and Facilities for the Wells, Infield Header, and Metering stations, lunching and receiving tramps, line valves, Tie Ins, 28” to 28” Hot Tap, Repsol representative in the interface working areas, with two companies Petrobras and Transierra, also with the Government representative YPFB, attending meetings and coordination with these companies.

    • Engineering, Three stages
    1. Conceptual Engineering studies made by Tecna in Bs. I was a Member of the Repsol Engineering team, supervising and directing mechanical and civil engineering.
    2. FEED Engineering studies by Tecna in Bs.
     I was a Member of the Repsol Engineering team, supervising and directing mechanical and civil engineering
     Constructability workshop
     Routening made possible to save many MM because I change the route in two places, I tried to shorten the Route of a 8” flow line pipeline from 35 Km to 15 Km, but the save not was only many but also time because the older route was trough a ridges, along the road with no space and for the export line 24” line pipe from 30 Km. to a 18 Km.
     This study I performed while I was in Bs As during the FEED, the consultant was carrying out the route through the long way.
     One of my intentions also was to try to make a Micro tunnel with the TBM system Tunnel Boring Machine
     In the bidding document we have two alternatives, with or without tunnel, even the cost it was to be lower Techint believed that the project wouldn’t be on the time because the tunnel will be constructed by others and they were afraid not to comply with the completion date.
     Environmental green pipeline, mainly erosion and sediment control
     Value engineering workshop, save the heat from the turbines and used for the hot oil and other uses in the camp.

    From April 2011 to July 2012.
    Engineering, construction, commissioning and start up.

    3. Detail engineering by Techint in Bs. As.
     I was a Member of the Repsol Engineering team, supervising and directing mechanical and civil engineering
     Coordination with interface areas with two companies Transporting Transierra and gas and condensate producing company Petrobras.
    4. Construction.
     Procurement
     Pipeline Techint EPC contractor
     102 km of different size of line pipe from 8” to 28”
     Pipeline Cost 270 MM, Central gas processing plant 245 MM $us
     Infield header with well test (separator) facility, mandatory by the state requirement
     Well facilities
     Line pipe procurement International Bid
     Construction engineer, reviewing the field engineering processed by Techint,
     HSE Safety presentation call Zero accidents, with the recommendation for the safety rules during construction, attendees where all company partners Repsol, BG and Pan American Energy and the PMT.
     Coordinator and company representative in the interface areas with two companies, Petrobras gas and condensate producer processing and transporting company. and Transierra a transport company with a compression station plant where Repsol delivery the gas production.
     Construction Superintendent while the personal was on leave
     Hot Tap management 2” and two 28” into a 28” with TD Williamson as a contractor.
     Pipeline rescue team specialist in rescue help to secure the operations.
     Two Kilometers of river crossing of 20”
     Special studies of each slope considering slopes from 30º to 53º, a mountain crossing with many ridges with steep slopes.
     Value engineering workshop
     HAZID studies
     Pre-commissioning and commissioning coordination with the client and start up to hand over to the client

    Repsol YPF
    2005 to 2008

    Project Manager
    Flow line project for the Margarita oil field

    Writing bid documents for the flow line and facilities and start up production for the MGR 4 well in the Margarita area, Construction of 12 km. of gathering line to connect the Infield Header, the construction of the well facilities, construction and mounting a 10000 Bbls tank for condensate and the installation of two Booster pumps in the processing plant to deliver condensate trough export line. Engineering, construction, commissioning and start up.

    Project Manager.
    Flow line project, for a EPC construction project of all the pipeline and Facilities according the detail mention above, including the Engineering and the procurement of the Christmas tree, 12000 meters of 8” line pipe, two booster pumps, several valves (HIPPS, 8” valves, Line Brake Valves LBV and small valves) for the lines and facilities.
    Engineering, construction, commissioning and start up.

    Project Manager
    Engineering and construction of other projects, hot tap in 8” trunk line in a detour pipeline construction, improvement of the Christmas tree (second gas outlet, as a bypass) sand catcher, construction of two truck tank pump to deliver condensate by truck tanks, supervising and directing mechanical and civil engineering and construction.
    Engineering, construction, commissioning and start up.

    Santos CMI – Tecna for Petrobras

    Project Superintendent.

    For the construction of the “Unidad de Remoción de Contaminantes” Contaminants (Mercury) Removal Unit, for Petrobras in the Sábalo Plant in San Antonio oil field, Bolivia, building the installations for the Unit to the Commissioning and start up.

    Santos CMI – Skanska for Petrobras

    Project Superintendent.

    For the construction of “Addenda IV” for Petrobras improvement of the installation, of two cool exchangers of 50 TM each removal of two Bax, improving the piping and the installations of many vessels, instrumentation and electrical installations in two plant shut down operations for 10 days each, in San Alberto Plant

    Apolo Bolser
    2003 – 2004

    Project Superintendent, for Petrobras

    For the EPC construction of four Metering Stations, in the Gasyr pipeline Project (450 km.) in Yacuiba and Villamontes towns construction and mounting, mechanical and electrical, instrumentation and civil works, commissioning and start up operations.
    PMT member of the team of the project claims.
    In charge of the Rio Grande metering station Maintenance.

    Gas Trans Boliviano “GTB” Worley
    2002 – 2003

    Chief Inspector.

    Construction Management for construction and start up of the Gas Compression plants at Robore and Chiquitos for the Bolivia Brazil Gas pipeline expansion project in Santa Cruz Bolivia.
    For GTB Gas Trans Boliviano, in the EPC construction of pipelines and metering facilities, also member of the Pre–Commissioning and Commissioning team.

    IPE Bolivia – Plus-Petrol

    Chef inspector

    Management of EPC construction of gas processing plant in the Tacobo project for Plus Petrol Oil Company in Santa Cruz Bolivia.

    IPE Bolivia – ENRON
    1999 – 2001

    Chief Inspector

    EPC Construction Project Gas pipeline Santa Cruz Bolivia – Cuiabá, Brazil, as a Project Engineer and supervision for the detail engineering and work process for all stages stringing, lowering, backfilling, spools, Hydrostatic testing, catodict protection and placing the LBV in the line.

    In charge of the management of the Hydrostatic test in Brazil making procedures, Supervising the cleaning, calibration plate, intelligent pig HT for line pipe and valves, dewatering and drying and the placement of the LBV in the field.
    Company representative, construction, commissioning and start up.

    Joint Venture Brown and Roth and Murphy, BRM a construction joint venture company
    1996 – 1999

    Project Engineer

    Gas pipeline Bolivia – Brazil Project of 700 kilometers of a 32” pipeline, as a Project Engineer and Superintendent assistant, in a EPC Construction project, working in the detail engineering in the field like the road crossing, special crossing, stress calculations and leading the work process, Concrete jackets, blasting, , BLV, dead weights on the line pipe and others. Planning the work ahead, attending the weekly meeting with the client, Coordinator with the quality control and the client and all the activities concerning the construction engineer.
    Management the cathodic protection subcontractor works.

    Member of the Commissioning Team, for Gas pipeline Bolivia – Brazil Project.

    Member of the claims team

    Restoration Superintendent, final cleaning and reforestation of 600 kilometers.

    1987 – 1988

    Project Engineer
    500 kilometer Gas pipeline project “Altiplano Gas pipeline” Project in Bolivia from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba as a Project Engineer for the detail engineering during construction, and member of the as built team.

    1980 – 1981

    Bolivian Training Center for mechanical knowledge in piping for wells and how to use for many services, like cementing, frocking and taking samples, etc.

    CIMA – APOLO – IASA Constructor Company
    1993 – 1994

    Construction Superintendant.

    Building three bridges two of 25 meters and one of 51meters as a engineer in charge of the construction of these three bridges in the road Montero – Okinawa, Warnes province. For the “Bridge Construction in the North of Santa Cruz” project for the Japan Government.

    Pacific Consultants International Tokyo.
    Central Consultant Inc. Tokyo

    Project Engineer

    flood control project for the north part of Santa Cruz as a Coordinator in the “Master Plan for the flooding control in the rural area in the north of the Santa Cruz department” project in Bolivia.


    Project manager

    Road Construction Project, building three bridges for the “Highway Patacamaya – Tambo Quemado Project”.

    Santa Cruz Governor’s office

    Project Engineering Manager

    Interstate highway construction project “Santa Cruz – Trinidad Road Pavement Project”, 540 kilometers, as a Project Engineer responsible for Engineering and detail engineering and Construction Management.


    Project Engineer

    Facilities Basic Engineering working in the soil studies, foundation calculations, and streets design for a YPFB facilities inside the Palmazola refinery plant.

    CONIN Ltda.

    Project Engineer

    Road Construction Project, as a Project Engineer in Detail Engineering for the pavement of 12 avenues for the Santa Cruz City mayor’s office.


    Project Engineer

    Airport project “Rehabilitation of the Salvador Ogaya Airport” Damage runway made suspension of all the flights from the airport, due to drainage problems and the soil (clay) underneath of the pavement inflate making the deformation (wave) of the asphalt pavement making the runaway unable to operate, in charge of the studies and solutions for the rehabilitation of the runway of the airport, in Puerto Suarez city, Bolivia.


    Civil works construction supervisor.

    Continuing the job to completion of the Airport construction in the “International Viru Viru Airport” Project as a chief of the civil Works supervision team, commissioning and first landing.


    Project Engineer.

    Airport construction in the “International Viru Viru Airport” Project as a chief of the civil Works supervision team pavement, runaway, approach streets and aprons (commercial and cargo), roads and parking area pavements for the passenger area drainage systems and all related to an airport construction.
    Airport Construction in the “International Viru Viru Airport” Project supervising for all the civil works and soil studies,


    Junior Engineer

    Project engineer in the Jefferson County Drainage project for the city of Louisville USA.


    NDT X ray interpretation 2007

    Course of ASME B 31.8, 2008

    Attendee for the PPM course of Management 2009

    Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management course and conferences Houston Texas Feb10, 11, 12 and 13, 2009
    Exhibition of pigging industries in Houston Texas February 2009

    International world convention for Gas and Oil in Buenos Aires Argentina 2010

    Pipeline Engineering course in Houston Texas Nov, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2010

    Speaker in the “Conference and Exhibition on Best Practices in Pipeline Operations & Integrity Management” held in Bahrain Arabs Emirates, the presentation was “The Margarita pipelines” a pipeline construction under extremely steep slopes March 2012

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