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  1. Frank Motos

    Hi I am american and looking for a JOB in any of the gulf countrys, Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Bahrain , Kuwait . I have 25 Years experience in IT ( repair and network administration =) and also am able to repair any electronics.
    It would be great if someone could email me. Thank you ! Fchristian1980 AT gmail DOT com

  2. zubairahmeds1

    • Oversee drawings, specifications and documentation, review and issue.
    • Manage output of the project consultants to ensure the design milestones are achieved.
    • Review and coordinate drawings and documents for cost effective and timely use in project.
    • Manage the documentation and drawing review process.
    • Contribute to cost planning and feasibility studies to maintain projects.
    • Professional client liaison, design development activities.
    • Drive verbal and visual strategic communication of design intent.
    • Mentor in-house design team in design research and strategy phases/ work.
    • Develop scopes of work for complex, multiphase projects with deliverables.
    • Manage multiple projects with critical deadlines.
    • Manage relationships and results of external vendors.
    • Experience with design-related software
    • Experience in giving design related inputs to customer for office furniture and turnkey solutions (Efficient in AutoCAD and 3ds Max)
    • Experience in creating informative and persuasive presentations of design concept.
    • Experience in preparing shop drawings and generating BOQ for furniture manufacturing industry.
    • Handling project till Supply and installation of furniture at site.
    • Attending pre-bid tender meetings for technical discussion. Used to co-ordinate with Architects, Interior Designers, Factory & PMC.

  3. latifaD

    I’m Algerian woman who is actually at Dubai & Looking for job on : finance , Accounting or Administration …
    would you please assist & help me on that.

    I’m new on this web site .

    Thank you ,

  4. Aanand

    Hi !

    I am a recent graduate from Newcastle University (UK) with the degree in “MSc Marine transport with Management” looking for entry level opportunities to work ashore.

    I’d be extremely grateful for any help that can be provided.

    Thanks and Regards,

  5. Ndifor Paterson

    Am looking forward to working in a country like UAE with a lot of challenges and competition. so that i can prove my skills and learn too, work as a team to achieve the aim of the company or organization. thats why i am looking for a job over there.

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