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Cable Vision Division Manager


1. Approval of recruitment of personnel

2. Approval of sub-contractors

3. Approval of purchase orders

4. Approval of Project Execution Plan

5. Approval of tools/capital equipment.

6. Approval of proposals

7. Approval of progress report

8. Sanctioning of leave


1. Oversee the overall performance of the division.

2. Implement the Quality Management System.

3. Analyze and identify improvements and growth of the division.

4. Plan and prepare annual budget of the division.

5. Provide adequate resources for all division undertakings.

6. Ensure achievement of planned revenue targets.

7. Appraise personnel in an annual basis.

8. Approve recruitment of personnel.

9. Explore potential market segments.

10. Approve sub-contractors.

11. Approve purchase orders.

12. Maintain inventory levels for system and non-system materials.

13. Approve tools/capital equipment.

14. Approve proposals.

15. Review contracts.

16. Review and analyze monthly budget during progress meetings and take necessary actions on issues / problems arising therein.

17. Interact with clients with respect to major aspects of a project.

18. Coordinate with top management approval of annual budget and business plans.

19. Review and sanction commercial discrepancies specific to project.

20. Analyze and decide pricing strategy

Job Details

Date Posted: 2013-03-30
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Gender: Male
Degree: Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma

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