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Dragos Raschitor

UNITED STATES COAST GUARD (USCG), MASTER 1600 T GRT / 3000 T ITC, MASTER 6000 T OSV LICENSED SECOND MATE UNLIMITED, Last Updated: January 14, 2017 (about 1 year ago)

Extensive experience in petroleum distribution environment with in-depth knowledge of MARPOL and maritime regulations. Outstanding time management, communication, and leadership skills in execution of duties requiring exceptional levels of responsibility and trust. Leveraging extensive civilian maritime experience, ensuring success of vital cargo and material deliveries during daily operations of complex enterprise with flawless acumen. Hard-working and dependable.

Marine Surveying | Certification of Drilling Equipment | Vessel Inspections | Welding Inspection

Non-Destructive Inspection | Safety | Leadership & Crew Training | OICNW | Vessel Management


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